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Voice Reader Studio, Czech

Professional Text to Speech software for Windows with lifelike voice for Czech

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Price: $499.00

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Item #:LT90102CZ


The cost-effective alternative to the recording studio

Voice Reader Studio has the professional features that save time and money-intensive trips to the recording studio. Videos, presentations, etc. are recorded in no time at the touch of a button.

The created audio files can be distributed to a large audience according to the terms of the license agreement.

Text to speech Czech TTS

Voice Reader Czech Female Voice Sample

The benefits at a glance:

Fast and efficient conversion from text to audio (32 KBit/s - 160 KBit/s)

Pleasant female voices with excellent natural pronunciation

Synergetic learning effects with simultaneous reading and hearing

For all text formats: Word, PDF, websites (HTML), etc.

The exceptional speech quality makes it ideal for brushing up on your language skills

Easy to use editor function for correcting default pronunciation

Saving specific pronunciation properties in speaker profiles

Integrating sound effects

Easy pronunciation, dialog and pause control

Licensed unlimited distribution of created audio files

Order Processing Times
All orders received Monday through Friday are processed within 24-48 hours.
All orders received Friday afternoon, or any time on Saturday or Sunday are processed within 48-72 hours.


The most important Voice Reader Studio plus points

Professional text recording
Constant lack of time and a visual information overflow are often the causes of even the most important texts being overlooked. With audio files your readers can decide themselves what information they want to listen to. Your readers gain flexibility; you gain greater coverage.

The Studio edition: Professional and simple
Voice Reader Studio has the complete functionality of the Voice Reader Home - and a good deal more. Text is converted to audio with a simple touch of a button and quick as a flash - as usual!

Simply correct pronunciation
There will always be words that are not pronounced quite properly. Not a problem: With an easy to use pronunciation editor, even non-linguists can very easily set the pronunciation. The Editor has two entry possibilities: By using a simple coding in SAMPA (the Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet) or by entering in text format.

Flexible sound quality setting
Depending on the required application, you can set the sound quality that you actually require. After all, telephony has different requirements to a radio production. With Voice Reader Studio you can set sound qualities from 32 KBit/s to 160 KBit/s.

Easy dialog management
You want to generate a dialog with different voice profiles? With simple commands you can control dialogs with allocated speaker roles, adjust pronunciation and control pauses.

Create speaker profiles
To implement allocated speaker roles, simply create profiles with Voice Reader Studio. Save the combination of one-time set volume, speech speed, pitch and gender under the speaker name. Situation-dependent pronunciation changes, e.g. intentionally slower speaking or higher volume effectively emphasize the basic profile.

Import sound effects
Voice Reader Studio allows you to integrate sounds very easily. You can import an elegant applause, or replenish the spoken word with original sounds, as in a radio play. Simply enter the path of the sound file in Wav format (mono) into the text to be read out.

Practical shortcuts
Voice Reader Studio can also be operated using shortcuts. It is quick and practical and is a particular advantage for those who are blind or are visually impaired.

Reproduce generated MP3 files as much as you want
With Voice Reader Studio you have no boundaries - not for your creativity, and certainly not for your audience. Make your work available to as big a listenership as you want. Whether it be website content as MP3s, your breakthrough as an audiobook author or learning material for your students: generate once - reproduce x times! For more information, please read the license agreement.

Voice Reader reads to you!
Voice Reader is an innovative voice output program for recording any kind of text. Why not listen to your own e-mails? You'll look at texts in a completely new way!

Outstanding speech quality
The pleasant voice and natural intonation give the remarkably realistic impression that you're listening to a human speaker. And no wonder! Trained speaker provided the basis for the Voice Reader voices, which makes an incredible difference.

E-mails and co. for on the go
Liberate yourself from the screen! with the export function, you can store your documents as sound files (MP3 or WAV format). You can then listen to your documents on your MP3 player, MP3 mobile phone or iPod while on the move: in the car, on the train, on the plane, while jogging or simply relaxing.

Increase your learning efficiency
A study by the University of Regensburg has shown that our ability to take things in by listening is 29 percent higher than by reading; if you read and listen at the same time, efficiency increases by 44 percent! This means you absorb teaching content quicker and easier when learning, e.g. on a further education course.

Hear, hear!
Planning a speech or presentation? Listen to your text with Voice Reader! You'll be able to tell right away if it needs the odd change here or there. Clumsy formulations, incorrect sentence order, logical breaks? These errors are easy to miss on paper, but stand out when heard.

Modern, flexible language learning
Listening is still the best way to learn a foreign language. Use Voice Reader's foreign languages to also brush up on your language skills. Boring, out-dated audio texts for learning are a thing of the past! Google the Internet for topics that interest you and make cramming fun with Voice Reader. Or get yourself in the mood for your holiday with Voice Reader before jetting off...


  • Usage: Professional use. With its variety of settings options, use as an alternative to sound studios for creating audio files for publication
  • Audio format settings: Wav, MP3
  • Supported applications: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, iTunes
  • Voice: Female
  • Number of avatars: 3
  • Creation of speaker profiles
  • Playback options: Volume, Pitch, Speed
  • Special effects: Integrate sound effects, Change speakers, Change language, Pauses
  • Editor for improving pronunciation
  • Stop list of words and punctuation marks that are left unpronounced
  • Tone quality setting: MP3: 16-160 kBit/s, WAV: PCM 8/11/22 kHz 8/16 Bit Mono
  • Audio file export: MP3: 16-160 kBit/s, WAV: PCM 8/11/22 kHz 8/16 Bit Mono
  • Shortcuts as an alternative to mouse navigation
  • Usage: Professional use. With its variety of settings options, use as an alternative to sound studios for creating audio files for publication
  • Publication permission

Supported languages:



Stand-Alone or Single Workstation

Number of users:


Distribution media:


Program Interface:

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish


English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

System Requirements:

  • Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista
  • PC with Intel Pentium 1 GHz processor, or equivalent AMD processor, or higher
  • 512 MB RAM or above recommended
  • 500 MB available free space
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 6 or higher)

Voice Reader reads any kind of text to you in an astonishingly natural-sounding quality. Directly on the PC or on the move with your MP3 player.
Voice Reader Studio, American English
LT90102US $499.00
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Voice Reader Studio, British English
LT90102GB $499.00
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Voice Reader Studio, Chinese
LT90102CN $499.00
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Voice Reader Studio, Dutch
LT90102NL $499.00
..........................more info
Voice Reader Studio, French and Canadian French
LT90102FR $499.00
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Voice Reader Studio, German
LT90102DE $499.00
..........................more info
Voice Reader Studio, Italian
LT90102IT $499.00
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Voice Reader Studio, Polish
LT90102PL $499.00
..........................more info
Voice Reader Studio, Portuguese
LT90102PT $499.00
..........................more info
Voice Reader Studio, Russian
LT90102RU $499.00
..........................more info
Voice Reader Studio, Spanish and Mexican Spanish
LT90102ES $499.00
..........................more info
Voice Reader Studio, Swedish
LT90102SE $499.00
..........................more info

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