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Press Room

Press releases

July, 2009

Smart Link Corporation and the Linguatec Company, the leading provider of language-technology software, have signed a distribution agreement for the sale of a range of language products in the United States.

Linguatec has brought a new generation of speech synthesis software to market with its new speech output program Voice Reader.
Based on state-of-the-art TTS technology and controlled by linguistic pre-processors, text is converted to stunningly natural and pleasant speech sounds. With just a simple touch of a button, Voice Reader converts any kind of text into astonishingly good quality audio files in up to 15 languages!

The software comes in 2 versions: Voice Reader Home and Voice Reader Studio.

The Voice Reader product line can be practical and useful in a wide range of situations. Whether you want to study languages or prefer easy listening, create audio files for professional use or automatically dub your websites, the Voice Reader is an invaluable source for everyone in needs of a good quality voice output.

About Linguatec

Linguatec, the leading provider of language-technology software with offices in Germany, is the only company to have won the European Information Technology Prize three times. The activities of the language technology specialists concentrate on three language technology sections:

  • Automatic Translation
  • Voice Output
  • Speech Recognition

Linguatec has participated in numerous innovative projects, both on a European and National level.

June, 2009

Smart Link Corporation has released the update of ImTranslator Add-on for Firefox.

This popular add-on received the highest rating from numerous users of ImTranslator. With 130,000 weekly downloads, ImTranslator has been downloaded over 1,400,000 times.

May, 2009

Smart Link Corporation implemented the Language Auto Detect function into its ImTranslator Online Translation, ImTranslator Plugin for IE, ImTranslator Add-on for Firefox, Widget for Webmaster and iGoogle Gadget.

This automatic language identification tool will analyze the source text and set the correct source language from the list. This new improvement will take us further into the way to create the best translation place on the Web along with other language tools, such as Virtual keyboard, auto Spell-checker, auto Decoder, back translation and others.

April, 2009

Smart Link Corporation has completed the major localization project for its translation services on ImTranslator Online Translation, ImTranslator Plugin for IE, ImTranslator Add-on for Firefox, Widget for Webmaster and iGoogle Gadget.

Now the users of our translation services can enjoy the service on their native languages: Arabic, English, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Ukrainian.

February, 2009

Visitors of the ImTranslator Online Translation can now enjoy new languages added to our free online translation service:
Albanian, Estonian, Galician, Hungarian, Maltese, Thai and Turkish,

The translation between these languages is provided by the Google Translator.

Currently the language combination on our translation services is 1640.

July, 2008

Smart Link Corporation added new TTS voices to its major Translation Sites, Text-to-Speech portal and
The new voices are Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian.
The TTS voices are presented by animated speaking characters, which read the text in the most realistic, human-sounding way.

New improvements also relate to the possibility to embed a spoken text into an email or website. Users are given the option to convert a spoken text they have listened into a link, to send it by email, or integrate the link into a website.

December, 2007

Smart Link Corporation is pleased to announce the implementation of the text-to-speech (TTS) engine into its ImTranslator portal
We have selected best innovative speech technologies ever available. The TTS engine converts text into lifelike spoken audio in a variety of languages: English U.S., French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and European Spanish.
The TTS voices are presented by animated speaking characters, which read the text in the most realistic, human-sounding way.

This new implementation will allow our users to master a foreign language by practicing speaking and listening skills. The built-in audio player will replay the text as many times as desired.

May, 2007

Smart Link Corporation announces the launch of the ImTranslator portal
The new portal powered by PROMT Translation Server is the culmination of our expertise, previous achievements and a new Web 2.0 design. It offers the most convenient way of accessing our services!

Completely redesigned and re-thought. No more annoying popup windows or ads. Improved dictionaries now contain all the suggested words/translations that we have received from our users. Customizable view and features. Resizable layout along with the option to remember your last text entry allows you to come back to your work and edit it later. Many improvements have been done to ImTranslator functionality with Firefox.

Smart Link Corporation would like to thank PROMT Ltd., Russia for providing machine translation technology for integration into ImTranslator.

April, 2006

We are pleased to announce that AOL chose Im Translator as a multilingual solution for AOL Translator.
Unlike translation services offered by AltaVista, Google, or SDL, AOL Translator distinguishes by not only unprecedented translation quality provided by the PROMT Translation Server, but also advanced Im Translator tools, such as multilingual Spell-checker, Virtual Keyboard, Russian language Decoder and Back Translation.
This innovative multilingual solution developed and implemented by Smart Link Corporation serves AOL multilingual web audience and connects people all over the world.

February, 2006

Smart Link Corporation announces the release of a new service ImTranslator Multilingual Search. This new tool offers an easier way to search the web in many languages. ImTranslator Multilingual Search provides the search environment supported by multilingual Spell-checker, Translator , Virtual Keyboard, and Russian language Decoder.

December, 2005

Smart Link Corporation announces the release of the network translation software @promt NET Professional 7.0 with the following translation directions: English to/from French, English to/from German, English to/from Portuguese, English to/from Spanish, English to/from Russian.

September, 2005

Smart Link Corporation, a developer and publisher of multilingual software products and web-based solutions, has launched an informative portal that presents innovative language technologies, tools and information on their potential implementation into various business solutions.

July, 2005

Smart Link Corporation added new French <=> Spanish language pair to the free online translation service ImTranslator @promt Online. ImTranslator offers translation in 19 language pairs with a wide range of advanced communications tools.

June, 2005

Smart Link Corporation added Portuguese => English language pair to the free online translation service ImTranslator @promt Online.

May, 2005

Smart Link Corporation licensed Virtual Keyboard to U.S. Customs and Border Protection Bureau, Department of Homeland Security.

April, 2005

Smart Link Corporation announces the release of @promt 7.0 Family translation software. The new version is built on the optimized translation algorithms that ensure the highest translation accuracy.

March, 2005

Nestlé Corporation in Switzerland licensed Virtual Keyboard to provide a secure remote access solution to the company.

February, 2005

Statens Vegvesen (Norwegian Public Roads Administration) licensed Virtual Keyboard to have the possibility to input information in 20 different languages. Virtual Keyboard generates an active interest among organizations that need to implement multilingual capabilities to their websites or ensure a security solution.

January, 2005

Free online translation services ImTranslator @promt Online and PROMT-Online became a very popular place for people who need to communicate with each other in different languages. Over 20 million unique users generated more than 100 millions translations in 16 language pairs.

June, 2004

Fiserv Galaxy Plus licensed PROMT Internet Translation Server to implement English-Spanish translation capabilities to Credit Unions banking system.

May, 2004

Smart Link Corporation announces the release of @promt 2004 English <=> French translation software built on the base of the award-winning PROMT XT (eXcellent Translation) technology. The new language pair can be tested on our online translation service ImTranslator @promt Online.

April, 2004

Smart Link Corporation announces the release of @promt 2004 Translation software consisting of a wide range of sophisticated software products and solutions to meet different translation needs. The @promt products have direct integration into MS Office 2000/XP/2003 and provide accurate translation of documents, e-mail and Web-sites.

February, 2004

The new version of PROMT-Online, ImTranslator @promt Online provides instant translation in 14 language pairs and includes new user interface, additional tools and features, such as auto spell, auto decode, back translation, Russian transliteration.

January, 2004

Smart Link Corporation licensed Virtual Keyboard to the group of Portuguese banks. Virtual keyboard is becoming more and more recognized tool by businesses and organizations which strive to develop effective global e-business strategies in order to succeed in today's intensively competitive marketplace.

October, 2003

Smart Link Corporation added new Russian => Spanish language pair to its free online translation service PROMT-Online. This will complete the translation solution for Spanish and Russian languages.

September, 2003

ImTranslator is a set of web-based multilingual tools designed for easier communication in different languages. With ImTranslator you can enter multilingual text, check it for correctness, adjust unreadable messages, translate in different languages, print results and send email. ImTranslator includes Free Translation Online, Spell Checker, Virtual Keyboard, Cyrillic Decoder.

August, 2003, one of the largest Russian Internet portals, and, a popular PROMT ltd. online translator, have integrated the Virtual Keyboard developed by Smart Link Corporation into their web sites. From now on, the visitors of web mail and may input text in foreign languages with no need for additional multilingual keyboard support.

July, 2003

PROMT Ltd. licensed the dictionary content of @promt translation software from Smart Link Corporation, the leading electronic dictionaries and linguistic software developer in USA.

February, 2003

Smart Link Corporation announces the new release of ImTranslator. The new version provides instant translation of texts from almost any application via the hotkey in addition to the translation in ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger.

January, 2003

Smart Link Corporation added two new languages to its Virtual Keyboard, an Internet-based tool for creation of multilingual text content in any Web application. The new languages are Arabic and Hebrew. From now on, Internet visitors who wish to communicate in Arabic or Hebrew without changing language settings or fonts on their computers can use Virtual Keyboard to input text in these languages to any Web application.

October, 2002

Smart Link Corporation releases a new online catalog. The new catalog design will allow the company to expand the list of languages, products and services as well as to provide the users with a more convenient search product tool. The new product finder instrument guarantees easier and quicker result in browsing the catalog in search of desired products.

September, 2002

2 million users on our Paralink Translation Server. Free online translation service PROMT-Reverso Online with its 15 language pairs became a very popular place for people who need to communicate with each other in different languages.

August, 2002

Smart Link launches beta-version of online spellchecker on Paralink translation server. This web version of our multilingual spell-checker Spellink Multilingual checks spelling on-the-fly for English, French, German, Russian and Spanish texts. The beta version of this new tool is integrated into online translation service PROMT-Reverso Online and can be tested along with the translator. This integration constitutes a very helpful addition to the online translation service allowing numerous users of the Online Translation get more accurate translation results by checking spelling of the input text before translation.

June, 2002

Smart Link Corporation offers a new Internet-based tool Virtual Keyboard, designed for anyone in need of real-time online communication in foreign languages. Virtual Keyboard lets users create multilingual text content in any computer and almost any existing platform and output it directly to any Web application without changing language settings or fonts.

December, 2001

Smart Link Corporation announces the release of new versions of Reverso Pro 5 Translation software. The Reverso Pro 5 provides translation for the following translation directions: English<->French, English<->German and English<->Spanish. The products of Reverso 5 Family are based on the advanced PROMT translation technology and provide accurate translation of documents, e-mail letters and Web-sites. Reverso Pro 5 is positioned as a product for office users and those people who frequently need to translate short or long documents.

September, 2001

Smart Link Corporation announces the release of a new translation tool ImTranslator. This small and well-designed application provides instant translation of short messages from ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger between major European languages via PROMT-Reverso translation servers.

The convenient features are:

  • Support of major instant messenger services such as AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo! Messenger.
  • Work with multiple translation servers which guarantees greater reliability of the translation process.
  • Transliterated support for Russian language.
  • Unicode compatibility - simultaneous display of foreign characters of different language groups in many applications.

December, 2000

Smart Link Corporation is proud to provide a complete range of localization services. We assist dynamic organizations in designing the most effective and efficient global e-business architecture, utilizing our years of experience in creating e-business applications. We perform the complex task of preparing software to handle multilingual content, multiple languages and other international requirements.

We assembled a team of highly professional software developers, translators and localization engineers who work together in localization projects. Our software development team designs and implements the most effective multilingual tools and strategies aimed specifically to solve complex multilingual localization tasks.

July, 2000

Smart Link Corporation announces the release of multilingual software for Pocket PC. Now the Pocket PC users can enjoy multiple languages on their handheld devices: bilingual dictionaries Pocket Context and translation software Pocket PROMT.

June, 2000

New online translation service PROMT-Online allows fast and accurate translation of small texts and messages

  • from English to French, Russian and Spanish;
  • from French to English, German and Russian;
  • from German to English, French and Russian;
  • from Russian to English, French and German.

This service is very helpful in translating texts on various subject matters, email messages or browsing international web sites. The URL-mode allows users to browse and translate any Web site.

March, 2000

Smart Link Corporation offers a new online service - Context-Online. From now on, the largest electronic multilingual database CONTEXT is available online. Context-Online contains the library of 34 English-Russian dictionaries for various subject matters, and offers translation of words and phrases between English and Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese languages.

February, 2000

Smart Link Corporation announces the opening of the online store. From now on, most of the programs can be purchased via the Internet. The electronic transactions are guaranteed to be secure and confidential.

January, 2000

Smart Link Corporation releases Virtual File System (VFS) as part of its online services. VFS, a file sharing and management service, is new technological solution to organize, manage, store and share information online.

November, 1999

Smart Link Corporation announces the release of the most powerful and comprehensive spell-checking software for Windows SPELLINK. SPELLINK supports English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian languages in one package, and unlike other similar products works in ANY Windows applications.

Voice Reader reads any kind of text to you in an astonishingly natural-sounding quality. Directly on the PC or on the move with your MP3 player.

July, 2009

Voice Reader Text to Speech software for Home and Professional use released

June, 2009

ImTranslator Add-on for Firefox update released

May, 2009

Automatic language identification tool added to ImTranslator

April, 2009

ImTranslator services are now available in 23 languages

February, 2009

New languages added to ImTranslator

July, 2008

Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian voices added to Text-to-Speech portal


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