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PenOffice 2.6 English Edition

Handwriting input for MS Windows-powered pen-enabled Desktop, Portable, and Tablet PCs.
PhatWare Corporation

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Item #:PW99101


PenOffice" brings the power of award winning CalliGrapher handwriting recognition technology to your Microsoft Windows Powered Tablet, Desktop or Portable PC and adds useful pen-based applications: Microsoft Word" 97/2000/XP/2003 document markup, on-screen drawing, ScratchPads with email support, and PenCommander.


PenOffice is a combination of a powerful handwriting recognition engine and applications which allow you to extend the core PenOffice functions.


  • Natural handwriting recognition: CalliGrapher component of PenOffice recognizes print, cursive, and mixed script as well as arbitrary symbols and control 'gestures'.
  • Immediate usability: Unlike many handwriting recognition programs, the CalliGrapher component of PenOffice is ready to run right out of the box with no training required. You can, however, customize CalliGrapher to your personal handwriting style, thereby increasing CalliGrapher's already superb accuracy and speed.
  • Built-in dictionary: The CalliGrapher component of PenOffice recognizes words from its integrated dictionaries. This includes a main dictionary containing approximately 100,000 words and a custom user dictionary. CalliGrapher also recognizes non-vocabulary words like personal names, geographical names, and arbitrary handwritten symbol strings.
  • On Screen drawing: This feature allows you to use your screen as a virtual ScratchPad. You may save and e-mail drawings. You can also write while in drawing mode and have PenOffice convert your handwriting into typed text at a later time (deferred recognition).
  • Microsoft Word markup: Using PenOffice, you can mark up Microsoft Word documents and forward your edits to others. PenOffice supports Microsoft Word 97/2000/Word XP/2003.
  • PenCommander: PenCommander is a new feature in PenOffice, which allows you to launch pre-recorded, user-defined commands (PenCommands).
  • ScratchPad: ScratchPad provides you with the electronic equivalent of 'sticky notes'.
  • RiteCalc handwriting calculator: Simply write an equation, and let RiteCalc do the math.

Supported languages:



Stand-Alone or Single Workstation

Number of users:


Distribution media:


Program Interface:




System Requirements:

  • Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
  • Pentium Pentium III/350MHz processor or higher.
  • 10MB of free disk space for full installation.
  • 64 MB of memory to use on Windows 98/ME.
  • 128 MB of memory to use on Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP.
  • Graphics tablet system* such as WACOM Intuos" is strongly recommended.
  • PenOffice currently supports Wintab interface only.

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PenOffice 2.6 Multilingual Edition
PW99102 $95.00
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